Bo's Propeller Repair
Are you having issues with your
propeller slipping while planing off?

Bring it to
LIFE with CPR!!

The Cajun Prop Ring!!

These are custom built in-house, out
of aircraft aluminum. Custom sizes,
for precision hole shot.
Easy to install with amazing results!

Small Hub Trophy propellers are one of the most
popular propellers on the market today. Some
adjustment of the slippage can be done using the
PVS system, but for even better results you can't
The Cajun Prop Ring! We offer three different
sizes, each with their own custom clearance so you
can fine tune your hole shot!

The Cajun Prop Ring also helps to prevent fishing
line and weeds from wrapping them self around
your prop shaft, which left unchecked, can damage
your lower unit seals and lead to costly repairs!

We have a Cajun Prop Ring for all makes and
models of Propeller and motor!

Prices range from $75-$100 each
Propeller Exhaust Rings
Cajun Prop Ring and
Cajun Prop Ring Installed